Hair Services

Hair Services

Let Enrique do his magic – add that special touch to your beauty!


  • A 10% surcharge will apply to all bookings on Sundays and public holidays, due to staff penalty rates. This surcharge will be added to the cost of your service on the day.
  • Out-of-hours appointments may be arranged directly with Enrique. NB: A 20% surcharge will apply to any appointments before 9am or after 9pm.
  • These costs are additional to the prices listed below.


Services (Costs)

  • Additional costs apply on Sundays, public holidays and out-of-hours
  • All prices listed below indicate the starting price, and may vary depending on hair type/length, unless specified as ‘fixed price’.


CategoryServiceCost (starting price, depending on hair type/length)
GeneralConsultation – Hair Health29 (fixed price)
Hair Cuts - MaleMen's Hair Cut – Short Hair75
Hair Cuts - MaleMen's – Long Hair Cut/ Hair Mask/Blow Wave120
Hair Cuts - MaleMen's Tint130
Hair Cuts - MaleMen's – Half Head Foils /Toner/Olaplex Treatment 250
Hair Cuts - MaleMen's - Camo120
Hair Cuts - MaleMen's – Full Head Foils/Toner/Olaplex Treatment300
Hair Cuts – FemaleWomen – Long Hair Cut /Hair Mask/ Blow Wave120
Hair Cuts – FemaleWomen – Extra Long Hair Cut /Hair Mask/ Blow Wave140
Hair Cuts – FemaleWomen – Short Hair Cut /Hair Mask/ Blow Wave80
StylingBlow Wave Short Hair70
StylingBlow Wave Short With /GHD Waves/Tongs100
StylingBlow Wave Long Hair95
StylingBlow Wave Long Hair/GHD Waves/Tongs130
StylingEvent/ Wedding Hair Up145
StylingPermanent /Roots to Ends/Ammonia Free Color 170
StylingSemi-Permanent Ammonia Free Colour (Roots to Ends)120
StylingToners/Gloss Treatment Ammonia Free Color60
Tint/semi – FemalePermanent/Roots Only/Ammonia Free Colour120
Foils – FemaleHalf Head Foils Hightlights/Olaplex Treatment250
Foils – FemaleFull Head Foils Highlights/Olaplex Treatment280
Foils – FemaleHalf Head Thin Waves HightLights/Olaplex treatment From260
Foils – FemaleFull Head Thin Waves HighLights/Olaplex Treatment from350
Foils – FemaleCustom hand painting balayage/Olaplex treatment/Full Head From420
Foils – FemaleCustom hand painting balayage/Olaplex treatment/Face Framing only From190
Belayage/O'mbreCustom hand painted balayage/Olaplex treatment/Half head From330
Hair Extensions Hair Extensions Hair Cut95
Hair Extensions Hair Extensions Color Match to Client's Hair200
Hair Extensions Amore Hair Beads Extensions 1 pack ( includes 25 extensions) 350
Blow Wave – FemaleBlow Wave Short Hair70
Blow Wave – FemaleBlow Wave Short with GHD/Waves/Tongs100
Blow Wave – FemaleBlow Wave Long Hair95
Blow Wave – FemaleBlow Wave Long Hair/GHD/Waves/Tongs120
Blow Wave – FemaleEvent/Wedding Hair Up250
Tint/semi – FemalePermanent/Long Hair/Ammonia Free Colour175
Tint/semi – FemaleSemi-Permanent Ammonia Free Colour – Roots to Ends120
Tint/semi – FemaleToners/Gloss Treatment Ammonia Free Colour60
Tint/semi – FemalePermanent/Medium/Ammonia Free Colour160
Foils – FemaleFull Head Thin Waves Highlights/Olaplex Treatment350
Foils – Female10 Foils Hightlights/Olaplex Treatment150
Foils – Female3/4 Foils Highlights/Olaplex Treatment310
Belayage/O'mbreCustom hand-painted balayage/Olaplex treatment/Full Head420
Belayage/O'mbreCustom hand-painted balayage/Olaplex treatment/Face Framing only190
Nourishing Hot Towel Treatment for Your HairKérastase Nourishing Hot Towel Treatment55 (fixed price)
Nourishing Hot Towel Treatment for Your HairK18 Peptide Treatment 55 (fixed price)
Nourishing Hot Towel Treatment for Your HairOlaplaex Treatment60 (fixed price)
Foils and Base ColourShort Hair Tint and Few Foils250
Foils and Base ColourMedium Hair Tint and Few Foils 280
Foils and Base ColourLong Hair Tint and Few Foils350